Footers is a third-generation owned and operated SA family business, operating since 1956.  We sell structural timber solutions such as pre-fabricated roof trusses and floor frames, along with stick timber and ancillary hardware products.  Our services include design and delivery too.

Our vision is to ensure that we are the leading supplier of structural timber in South Australia. That means providing a first-rate product at a competitive price, backed by the best customer service in the industry.


With over 60 years in the building industry, there's nothing we don't know about providing the highest quality timber solutions.  We understand your industry, and the pressures you face.  That's why we work to provide a seamless service that's free of errors, reliable, fast and competitive. Footers gives you a consistent and rapid response, with full accountability and a commitment to putting your needs first.


In January 2019 we undertook the biggest relocation in our 60+ year history, moving from Regency Park to a state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility at Edinburgh.  This gives us and our customers many benefits:

  • All production takes place in one large undercover structure. Our truss manufacturing operations are more streamlined and efficient, so we can shorten lead-times for customers and increase capacity.
  • Roof truss production enjoys major benefits from the unique and innovative AutoEye Truss system - the only one of its kind in South Australia, and only one of three in Australia.  AutoEye delivers the additional capacity needed to rapidly produce the highest quality roof trusses.


We operate our own fleet and deliver daily to anywhere in the Adelaide metro area, and also regularly into regional South Australia:

  • Semi-trailer and rigid vehicles
  • High-capacity truck-mounted cranes
  • Fully trained and licensed operators

We are the only South Australian business implementing the AutoEye Truss system (and one of only three in Australia), with four important customer benefits:

  •    Roof trusses made faster than anyone else in South Australia.
  •    The capacity to handle major orders.
  •    Unprecedented levels of accuracy.
  •    Consistent levels of high quality due to automation.