Our pre-fabricated floor trusses provide a lightweight, versatile, and individually-tailored solution for two or more storey constructions.

State-of-the-art manufacturing processes in our purpose-built factory ensure a high-quality product, up to 12 metres in length, using MiTek RailRider Pro - the only floor truss press of its kind in South Australia.  An open web design allows for easier installation, with lightweight floor trusses that are easy to handle when on site.

Innovative Manufacturing

  • Computer engineered designs are used to match your specifications, with MiTek SAPPHIRE™ software
  • Computer-controlled CNC saws are used to implement cutting layouts
  • MiTek RailRider Pro - the only floor truss press of its kind in South Australia.

Council Calculations

  • Our in-house technical services department allows us to provide you with the truss calculations you need for council building approvals.

We are the only South Australian business implementing the AutoEye Truss system (and one of only three in Australia), with four important customer benefits:

Roof trusses made faster than anyone else in South Australia
The capacity to handle major orders
Unprecedented levels of accuracy
Consistent levels of high quality due to automation


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