Pre-fabricated roof trusses enable a fully integrated roof design, and eliminate issues surrounding stick-built structures. They provide a more efficient use of timber resources, with greater design flexibility and structural integrity.

Our pre-fabricated roof trusses are constructed in a series of connected automated manufacturing processes.  They are designed using sophisticated software that enables a fully integrated roof design, built to last.

AutoEye Truss System

We are the only South Australian business using the AutoEye Truss system, and only one of three in Australia.  Developed for the automatic production of roof trusses, it combines high capacity with industrialised quality.  The press visually identifies the roof truss, then automatically picks, places, positions and presses nail plates to the roof truss.  Pressing force is adapted to the nail plate and timber thickness, for a perfect pressing result.

  • Our roof trusses are made faster than anywhere else
  • We can manage the largest of orders
  • Our automation creates consistent levels of high quality trusses
  • You benefit from unprecedented levels of accuracy.

AutoEye is not the only innovation used in our manufacture of trusses:

  • Designs are computer engineered to meet your plans precisely, using MiTek SAPPHIRE™ software
  • Cutting layouts are downloaded to computer-controlled CNC saws
  • All products are produced via auto-set press mechanisms.

Council Calculations

Our in-house technical services department allows us to provide you with the truss calculations you need for council building approvals.

We are the only South Australian business implementing the AutoEye Truss system (and one of only three in Australia), with four important customer benefits:

  •    Roof trusses made faster than anyone else in South Australia.
  •    The capacity to handle major orders.
  •    Unprecedented levels of accuracy.
  •    Consistent levels of high quality due to automation.